If you need to sell Scrap Foam

Residue National can be your instant customer. Just call us, negotiate a fair price for your scrap foam and we’ll do the rest. We handle the cost and logistics of picking up the scrap foam material from your location and bringing it to ours.

If you need to buy Scrap Foam

Residue National can fill your scrap foam needs. Just call us, we’ll quote you a price for the scrap foam, and deliver it to your facility within the time period you require.

Payment Terms

Residue National over the past 20 years has an impeccable track record of paying on time in Net 30 Day Terms to all Vendors. Residue National also extends the same Net 30 Terms to all existing customers. For extenuating circumstances, please inquire about faster payment terms.


Residue National coordinates 100% of all logistics from pickup to delivery at no charge to all customers. Our logistics department work hand in hand with plant managers, freight companies and customs’ agents to facilitate smooth and seamless transactions.


Residue National provides and buys top quality scrap foam and is able to discern between high grade and sub standard scrap by drawing from our 20 years of experience. Residue National stands by the quality of each and every load. From time to time, customers may require sub standard scrap foam material. Please do not hesitate to contact us about lesser grades of foam.


99% of all scrap foam in shipped in baled form to maximize the amount of scrap shipped per trailer/container. The average weight of scrap foam on a truck or container is approximately 30,000 pounds (14 Metric Tons) for domestic United States scrap and 40,000 pounds (18 Metric Tons) for International Scrap Foam. In the event you have scrap foam to buy or sell BUT need it provided in boxes vs. bales please call Residue National to discuss.